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Ready to join an ENTIRE COMMUNITY of introverted virtual assistants?!

You’re just a few clicks away from joining the virtual assistant membership site of your dreams!

Let me guess…

>> You feel alone in your VA journey because your friends and family just don’t understand your business and your dreams.

>> You’ve spent countless hours searching for answers only to wind up empty-handed and more confused than before.

>> You’re tired of hearing how you can make “six figures” with your VA biz – you just want to make good money and have freedom in your life, darn it!

>> You’re an introvert and find that the marketing advice you get online is geared towards extroverts with limitless amounts of energy. So not you!

>> You’re ready to quit messing around and start building your virtual assistant business already!

The good news is… you don’t have to wander along in your VA journey alone! You’ve just stumbled upon a special club just for unicorn VA’s, like yourself! 


IVC is a supportive and friendly place where introverted virtual assistants can hang out and grow their businesses together. It’s a place where you can kick off your shoes and feel at home.

You’ll also find incredible trainings, templates, and resources all geared towards building a successful and sustainable virtual assistant business.

It’s open to any VA, no matter what level you’re at.

And the best part is, it’s all created with introverts in mind! 


IVC Will Help You To:

>> Build a successful VA business based on your skills and passions

>> Work smarter, not harder, all while making more money!

>> Become a confident boss-lady while staying true to your wonderfully introverted, intuitive self

>> Conquer fears and grow your income all while staying balanced and in tune with your energy levels

What Makes Introvert VA Club Unique?

  • While there are many memberships sites out there, this is the very first one that was created specifically for introverted virtual assistants.

  • The entire IVC community is built inside the membership and NOT in a Facebook group.

  • Introverts have challenges specific to their personalities when building or running a VA business. Now, you have a place where you and your business can grow together.

  • You’ll learn to be more productive, to use your energy levels wisely, to grow and scale your business, and even how you can step back from your business all while making more money.

You. Are. Not. Flawed.

The world we live in was designed for extroverts. Society frequently makes us feel like introverts are somehow broken. We should be more outgoing. We should be louder. We should put our pants on two legs at a time! (Extroverts totally do that, right?)

The truth is: the world needs introverts!

Introverts are amazing friends! They excel at empathizing and are highly attentive.

Introverts think before they speak. This quality makes them excellent decision makers.

Introverts are great at prioritizing their schedules and their relationships.

When a deadline is quickly approaching, introverts are brilliant leaders.

Introverts are great listeners and have a knack for asking the right questions.

Introverts are naturally creative and are wonderful observers of the world.

At IVC, we like to embrace our uniqueness and find ways to use it to our benefit. We are not flawed. Like Buddy the Elf, we all just have our own special talents!

Meet the Founder…

Billie Gardner

VA Mentor at Desire to Done

Becoming a virtual assistant helped me fulfill my dream of quitting my job and working from home.

I prefer working at home and being my own boss instead of going to an office every day. I’m a creative introvert who feels more comfortable working when I want to and with whomever I want.

My passion is to make other people feel powerful, especially introverts! You have the unique power to change your life, to change the lives of those around you, and to make shiz-it happen.

The IVC community is here to support you and to help you leap over the tallest buildings in a single bound! Or two. Ok, maybe three. But I promise, we’ll do it together.

As seen on…

IVC is more than what I expected. Billie had formulated a well-organized, detailed Passion to Profit plan that helps you on your VA journey complete with workbooks as your guide. I’ve been struggling for quite a while on how to move forward with my VA journey and this has given me a LOT of EUREKA moments! It’s such a big help. And the “Clubhouse” isn’t just a community for social interaction, it’s also a creative environment. So basically, the community is AMAZING and the contents are INVALUABLE!

Dawn Zabala

I’m so happy to be a part of the Introvert VA Club! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I love having a place where I can connect with other introvert VAs, ask questions, learn how to grow my business to full-time, and even help others!

Billie’s help is an invaluable resource!

Becky Moffit

Becky in Bold

What You’ll Find Inside

Passion to Profit

A 10-step plan to guide you through the process of creating a successful VA business. Simply go through each step and at the end you’ll have yourself a business that you not only love, but also makes you money!

VA library

Courses, tech trainings, printables, checklists, scripts, templates, and recommended resources to run your business like a BOSS!

The Clubhouse

Where the magic happens! Discussions regarding running a VA business, being an introvert, or anything else you need. You can ask for feedback, get advice, share your wins, and make some new friends.


This is the primary goal of the IVC community. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. Whatever your struggle.

PLUS, each month new content will be released and members are encouraged to share what they want to see in the membership.

Introvert VA Club is a monthly membership. Once you join, you’ll have immediate access to everything in “the club.”

If you’re a new VA, you can dive into the Passion to Profit Plan right away and start building your business. Have questions, need feedback, or want support? Post it in the Clubhouse!

If you’re an established VA, you can hop into the library and check out the trainings, checklists, and templates. Need to hire your own VA? Post it in the Clubhouse, along with any questions you have about growing and scaling your biz.

Take a Peek Inside the Membership Below

I was really overwhelmed with where to go, or what courses to choose to start my VA journey. I am so glad I chose Billie’s Introvert VA Club. The steps are all there for me, clear and concise, without missing anything and leaving me wondering if I’ve missed something. The resources and library are full of helpful hints and processes, taking the headache right out of it all for me!

I am quite a shy person, and having somewhere that is also “introvert-friendly” to ask questions, chat and read other peoples posts in “The Clubhouse” is such a great alternative to social media – which I find quite draining. If I had to sum it all up, I’d say the Introvert VA Club is professional, yet friendly and full of everything you need as a VA/aspiring VA.

Kathleen McGuire

Virtual Assistant

Since joining IVC, I feel more calm knowing I have a support system, people I can go to for advice. I’m learning more and managing my time better.

If you’re a VA, the IVC is a no-brainer! It’s jam-packed full of helpful information and resources and the clubhouse is the best! Everyone is so kind and helpful. This club is a sanity saver for VA’s! To be able to chat with others in the same boat and get advice and see that I’m not the only one that struggles sometimes is more helpful than you could imagine!

The IVC was beautifully put together! Billie put a lot of hard work into it and there’s a lot of extremely grateful VA’s! Thank you so much Billie! I’ll be continuing my membership for sure!

Jeannie Daigneault

Jeannie's Virtual Desk

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Is Introvert VA Club Right for You?

IVC is NOT for you if…

>> You’re looking to get rich overnight with little-to-no effort

>> You have trouble managing your time and getting stuff done

>> You don’t want to be a virtual assistant

IVC IS for you if…

>> You’ve been thinking about starting a VA business but don’t know where to start

>> You’re a new VA needing more guidance and support

>> You want to learn how to grow and scale your biz efficiently

>> You’re an introvert looking to learn more about working from home as a VA


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an introvert to join?

We’re not judgy up in here. There’s plenty for everyone to learn, and we welcome extroverts and ambiverts with open arms! But, some introverts bite when you try to hug them so be careful.

Why should I join the membership?

Well if you’ve been wanting to build a VA business, then the membership is designed to help you do just that, and more! Not only will we show you how to start your business from scratch, but we’ll also provide all the support and resources you need to succeed. Already an established VA? We’ll help you grow and scale your business to new profit levels.

Why should I join today?

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not investing in themselves. Stop waiting for “someday.” IVC is beneficial for both your business and personal growth. Plus, as IVC grows, the price will go up. When you join, you’ll be locked in at that price for life!

There are many VA groups on Facebook that offer similar support, how is this different?

Introvert VA Club isn’t JUST a community. Yes, the VAs in our community are amazing (wait till you see how helpful and fun they are), but the membership also includes trainings to help you start and grow your business. It’s like a course and a FB group had a baby, but better! Plus, the community isn’t even on FB so if social media is an energy suck for you, you’ll love our “in-house” community.

How much time will this take each week?

You can spend as much or as little time on the site as you like. Learn, chat, and poke around at your own pace.

Is this going to make me instantly rich?

Short answer – no. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Long answer – There are ways to grow and scale your business to make more money, all while reserving that precious introvert energy. IVC will show you how!

I don't have any clients, is this something I should start right now?

IVC will help you build a solid foundation for your business from the ground up and help you with ways you can find clients. Investing in yourself and your business is important and something that all successful businesses do.

Will the site help if I already have a VA business?

Absolutely! IVC is for wannabes, newbies, middlees (totally a word), and oldies. No matter where you are on your VA journey, you can find a home here.

Is the information in IVC relevant to people outside of the United States?

The legal information (taxes, business entity, etc.) is based on having a business in the US, but the community is there to ask any questions you have. We currently have members from Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Spain, and Philippines. 

Is there a secret password or handshake?

It wouldn’t be a club without one, but you’ll have to join if you want to learn it.

What if it’s not for me?

If you join and find the membership isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time. In fact, it just takes two clicks! You have complete control.

What’s more, you also have 30 days to change your mind! If it’s not for you, just let us know in the first month and we’ll happily refund your money. So it really is a no risk offer.

Have more questions? Contact us at

I LOVE this club! Not only is the community awesome, but Billie provides all the resources you need to start and run a VA business as an introvert, including the hairy business-y parts that a lot of other teachers skip.

Billie helped me start my business from scratch and get booked out within months. She’s the perfect leader for sensitive, introverted VAs who love sparkles and unicorns!

McKella Sawyer

The Cafe Wordsmith

Since joining IVC, I have hope and confidence that running my own business from home is more than just a “sounds good” idea. With the practical tools, training, and resources that Billie provides and the constant support and friendship of other introverted businesswomen, I am able to ignore those defeating thoughts of failure and keep going forward to the next step.

My favorite part of IVC is simply the variation of content. You get practical resources and training as well as social support all in one place. IVC’s tools and training are immediately practical, actionable, and usable. The forums are down to earth real people who come together with the common goal of running a VA business.

Seriously, if you’re on the fence about joining, you won’t regret it. IVC gives you the tools and motivation to finally believe that you CAN be successful.

Bren Marie

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