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Informative and clear enough for even a rookie like me to comprehend.

I was feeling overwhelmed, clueless, and intimidated, but thanks to this training and the contract templates, I am now prepared, secured, informed, and thankful.

I liked how the training broke down different types of services into different contracts and the walk through video showing how to navigate the contracts.

My biggest takeaway was using different contracts for different types of services and knowing exactly what to include to protect myself and business.

Arianna Bard, With Ari Bard

I was stressing out a bit, not having a contract. I’m so thankful I found this! A big load off my mind!

Creating a proper, professional contract was overwhelming. Billie’s templates are perfect and very affordable! I now feel more confident pitching clients, knowing I have all my bases covered.

I would tell anyone thinking about purchasing this that it’s a must-have! You can’t go wrong!!”

Jeannie Daigneault, Jeannie’s Virtual Desk

Lessons in this Kit









This made it very easy and painless for me to get my contract together.

I am a new virtual assistant and needed a basic contract for my first major client! These templates are great! I booked my client and she signed!

I love how clear and customizable the templates were. I also like that there were multiple templates for different types of clients. It also helped me to think about my policies and how I want to handle specific situations.

If you’re thinking about purchasing it, go for it! It’s a great buy! Affordable and very user-friendly — perfect for new VAs!”

Annie Dash, Dash Virtual Solutions

The Contract Templates are a great choice for service providers just starting out who need a way to protect their business without having to spend hours starting from scratch.

I needed a quick, easy to understand contract to provide to my clients coming in the door. With 5 clients signing up and ready to go at once I didn’t have the bandwidth to create a contract specific for my business.

I was able to upload the templates to my customer management software, modify the parts I needed, and onboard 3 clients in a snap.

I loved that it gave me a flow to get my ideas going about what I wanted to include in my contract. Loved the easy to understand verbiage. I also liked that more than one contract type was included so you don’t have to spend time modifying the contract to fit your needs if you charge hourly or by packages etc.”

Tamira Pouncil, The Universal Assistant

Here’s what’s included in the Contract Kit:


Questions to help you create clear policies for your contract (or wherever else you want to put them). You can either print it or fill it out on your computer.


Not just one contract template but 4! Each contract covers a different type of rate: hourly, retainer, service/project, and package. Simply edit, upload to DropboxSign, and send to your client!


You’ll receive 2 video lessons: 1) How to download and edit the contract templates. 2) How to upload, add signature boxes, and send to your client through DropboxSign.

Get access to The Client Contract Kit for Virtual Assistants when you join Introvert VA Club today

As soon as you join you’ll have instant access to everything inside the membership, including:

Passion to Profit Plan

My signature 10-step guide to creating a successful VA business.

Simply go through each step, and at the end, you’ll have yourself a business that you not only love but also makes dolla dolla bills, baby!


  • Create services you thrive at
  • Identify who you want to work with and who you don't
  • Price and package your services
  • Craft the perfect business name
  • Make your business legit
  • Create business policies that communicate your boundaries
  • Write and send your client contracts
  • Use tools to help you run your business smoothly (for little to no money!)
  • Define a brand personality that will attract your ideal client
  • Market your business as an introvert and get clients

Library of Resources

Courses, checklists, templates, and more to run your business like a unicorn VA! 


  • Contract Templates (just edit and send to your clients!)
  • VA Rate Calculator
  • Website Design Kit
  • How to Design a WordPress Website
  • 'Work with Me' Form Cheat Sheet
  • How to Do Discovery Calls Quick Win
  • Get Clients Fast Challenge
  • The Introvert's Guide to Networking
  • Create an Email Management Service Course
  • Tax Deduction Checklist
  • Make Money with a VIP Day

You can see ALL the resources inside IVC here.

Super Supportive Community

We have the BEST, most supportive VA community on the interwebs!

When you join the Introvert VA Club, you'll have access to our forum, where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share your wins with me and other introverted VAs.

You’ll also have access to job opportunities from entrepreneurs who fill out our Hire a VA form!

We 💗 to help and want to see you succeed!

P.S. The forum is NOT on Facebook! Instead, it's within the membership platform.

The Client Contract Kit for Virtual Assistants

You’ll get everything you need to create and send your contract to clients.

In this kit, you’ll learn:

The different types of Virtual Assistant contracts and why they’re important

How to easily send contracts to your VA clients and get their signature


Business Policies Workbook – so you’ll know exactly what you need to include in your contracts

4 Contract Templates – quickly and easily customize them for your own business

Here’s What Members Are Saying About IVC…

I've received 2 signed contracts from 2 different clients within a week!

Before I joined the Introvert VA Club, I was struggling with getting started and finding clients. Joining was the best decision I ever made!

Everything is so detailed and I feel like I'm getting so much helpful information. Also, the community is amazing and everyone is so supportive. 

Liz Brent, Lizzy So Busy

If you're wanting to live a life of freedom, working for people you choose, earning what you want to earn, you HAVE to join the Introvert VA Club.

The Passion to Profit course takes you by the hand and gives you a step-by-step guide to go from zero to signing up your first clients. What's more, the community couldn't be more supportive. You can get answers to any of your troubles. 

Adam Bates, People and Planet Virtual Assistance

I've managed to make over $3K since I launched 2 months ago!

I don't always get to the Clubhouse as much as I want, but it's only because I've gotten so busy with new clients and warm leads. IVC was my "shortcut" to starting my biz months sooner than I had anticipated it would take me. THANK YOU!!

Anita Carter, FetchAPro.net

The first thing that caught my eye was IVC is designed for introverts, the second was the price.

I had been researching some other programs but the price was always out of my reach.

The templates are extremely useful. I spend the most of my time in the training library, but I like the support in the clubhouse as well.

Amy Morin, AchievEase

The Introvert VA Club is *exactly* the kind of support I was hoping to find.

I joined because I wanted to connect with other VAs as I rebranded and re-launched my established business.

The Course Library is my favorite part, hands down. It's loaded with essential information that all virtual assistants must have when getting started, plus tons of templates and practical advice, which are incredibly helpful.

The amount of resources, support, and community that are available are immeasurable

Betsy M.

I love that Billie didn't just create the Introvert VA Club and leave it to someone else to manage but engages in the conversations and provides helpful information.

I figured, if nothing else, I'd pay for 1 month, but once I got in, there were just SO many resources in IVC and so much community in the discussions, that I absolutely had to buy the lifetime membership.

I've gained a lot more confidence since joining IVC, and the Weekly Wins discussion has held me accountable to celebrating the small and big accomplishments.

Christine Gabriélle, ChristineGabrielleVA.com

The library of trainings and templates was an absolute godsend when I landed my very first client a few months ago.

Since joining IVC I have been able to put together my first contracts and feel confident about the services that I am extending to my clients. I can happily say that I now have 3 clients and am looking for 1 or 2 more so I can reach my "full" schedule. 


Kim Cowan, Sunshine Executive Virtual Assistant Services

It is more than worth the monthly subscription!!

I would not have launched my business without Introvert VA Club. There is so much information out there for brand new VAs, and it was completely overwhelming. Finding IVC helped me focus on what I needed to do and provided me with the tools to get it done.


Alicia Todd, Innovative Assistance

I got my first 2 clients from the IVC job opps section in the forum.

Being in IVC definitely helped me believe that I could become a VA. It was what I needed to get started. Plus I met some really great people. It brought some positivity back in my life too being able to connect with others who understand the struggle of being an introvert.

Arnetia Renee, YourTaskManager.com

I went from 2 clients to being fully booked!

I joined the Introvert VA Club because I wanted to get business tips and make sure I was on the right track with my VA business. The best part of IVC is the library of trainings, support from everyone, templates, and clubhouse (community). It's a wonderful resource and a great community with a lot to offer!

Annie Dash, DashVirtualSolutions.com

What I love most about IVC is the library of trainings and support of the other unicorns in the Clubhouse!

It’s a very economical way to learn a lot fast. As someone interested in building and launching an online service business, this was HUGE.

Sharee Anderson, Virtually Sharee Bliss

Billie is a fantastic mentor with the kind of supportive, encouraging kindness that makes this club feel like home. 

I decided to join IVC because I was looking to be part of a community so starting out as a VA didn’t feel so isolating. The training is INCREDIBLE, and I’d be utterly lost without my fellow unicorns and the support we offer each other. I found my ideal client by responding to a job opportunity inside IVC, and I’ve been working with her for months now. 

Lauryn Pearce, EclectivityConsulting.com

There are many VA groups and clubs out there but none can compare to IVC.

I especially like the library of trainings and templates. The support here is priceless too. I’ve definitely gained more confidence since joining.

Jeannine Warrick, JLAdminServices.com

If you want to be a VA but are on the fence about joining, I highly encourage you to join the Introvert VA Club!

I've been wanting to become a VA for a long time but had no idea how to get started. After stumbling on IVC and seeing how great of a deal it is, I knew I had to sign up!

I've gone through the first 4 steps of the Passion to Profit plan and already have so much more confidence than when I started.

I can't express how grateful I am for the in-house Clubhouse and abundant support.

Kinsey Baltzell, Work with KB

Billie’s trainings are my favorite part!

I joined IVC because I was struggling with setting up my systems! It’s been such a great help. I have more confidence in the process of onboarding clients and eventually offboarding. It also helped me figure out how to price myself.

Siobhan Silva, luna + co.

Introvert VA Club made my journey so much easier.

I joined IVC to learn about virtual assistant work. I had been looking for a year for something to do from home where I set my hours and who I worked for.

I like the courses, of course, but I also like the community of women on this site. They are so ready to help with anything.

I am just about ready to launch my business and have a couple of potential clients already!

Heather Hachey, HeatherHacheyVAServices.com

I found so much information on everything I needed to know to get started.

I followed the course to build my website, set up my contracts and onboarding information, and was able to get answers to any questions I had. I love how the training programs are already so robust, and Billie keeps adding more! The Clubhouse is a great resource as well. I know the ladies in the Clubhouse will have an answer to any questions I have. 

Jennifer Colgan, MyCapeIsInTheWash.com

The community is AMAZING and the contents are INVALUABLE! 

IVC is more than what I expected. Billie has formulated a well-organized, detailed Passion to Profit Plan that helps you on your VA journey complete with workbooks as your guide. I've been struggling for quite a while on how to move forward with my VA journey and this has given me a LOT of EUREKA moments!

Dawn Zabala, MaDawnZabala.com

You get practical resources and training as well as social support all in one place. 

Since joining IVC, I have hope and confidence that running my own business from home is more than just a "sounds good" idea. My favorite part of IVC is simply the variation of content. Seriously, if you're on the fence about joining, you won't regret it. IVC gives you the tools and motivation to finally believe that you CAN be successful. 

Bren Marie, BrenMarie.com

Wanna Peek Inside IVC? Be My Guest…

Is Introvert VA Club Right for You?

This IS for you if...

  • You want an affordable way to learn how to start, grow, and scale a virtual assistant business
  • You want to work from home on your own terms
  • You want to support business owners with your unique set of skills
  • You want to be surrounded by a positive and fun community

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want to get rich overnight with little-to-no effort
  • You have trouble managing your time and getting stuff done
  • You want to build a business entirely off of "passive" income
  • You don't want to be a virtual assistant or work from home

Who Am I?

Billie Gardner

Hi, I'm Billie! Nice to meet you!

I'm the founder and leading unicorn of Introvert VA Club. I also have a blog and podcast at Desire to Done.

  • I started my virtual assistant business in 2014 and was able to quit my job within 3 months.
  • I'm constantly investing in programs and trainings to pass my knowledge along to you.
  • I'm an introvert, too, so I know exactly how you feel and how you view the world.
  • I'm honest, supportive of your dreams, and encouraging.
  • My true calling in life is to empower people through teaching and mentoring.
  • I love animals, 80's music, unicorns, stickers, checklists, art, reading, and laughing (and I have a feeling you do too!)

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Can I purchase this without joining the membership?

No, it's only available inside IVC. The membership is affordable, however, and you'll get tons of other resources that will help you along your VA journey.

How long will I have access to this?

You'll have access as long as you're a member of the Introvert VA Club (along with the rest of our extensive library and supportive community).

What if I have questions while going through this?

You'll have access to our super supportive community where you can ask any questions you have. We love to help our members!

Do I have to be an introvert to join the membership?

Nope! Extroverts are welcome too! You'll still get tons of value from the membership. We love it when extroverts join us!

Is the information in IVC relevant to people outside of the United States?

The legal information (taxes, business entity, etc.) is based on having a business in the US or Canada, but the rest is applicable to anyone anywhere.

Why is IVC so reasonably priced?

Because I want you to have access to the trainings, resources, and support no matter your financial situation. I don't want money to be an excuse for not changing your life!

What if it’s not for me?

If you find the membership isn’t for you, you can easily cancel within your membership dashboard. Or, if you prefer, you can reach out to support, and we'll be happy to help you out.

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Not happy? We have a 14-day money-back guarantee. Just email us, and we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

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